Diabets Clinic

The Poursina Hakim Diabetes Clinic

The Diabetes Clinic was established in September of 2018 with a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation program for diabetes patients at the Porsina Hakim specialized and sub-specialized clinics.

The goal of this clinic is to provide widespread service to patients in various areas of detection, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of metabolic diseases, especially diabetes, by internists.

Since diabetes is a systemic disease that can affect all vital organs of the human being and on the other hand, timely diagnosis, proper treatment and follow-up of rehabilitation of patients with diabetes play a crucial role in changing the course of the disease, it is necessary for these patients to be carefully and scientifically monitored in a comprehensive clinic, under the supervision of specialists.


Shadi Kazemi, internist

Scientific advisors board:

Seyed Mohammad Hassan Emami, prof. MD, Subspeciality in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Alireza Fahim, MD, Internist, Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Hojatallah Rahimi, MD, Internist, Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Elham Amjadi, Anatomical and Clinical Pathologist

Baharm Bagherpour, MD, Molecular Medicine Specialist

Pouria Adeli, MD, oncologist

Seyed Mohamad Reza Hakimian, MD, Surgeon, Surgical Oncology Fellowship

Maryam Pourbafrani, MD, Psychiatrist

Abodolmehdi Baghaei, MD, Internist

Golnar Rozati, internist

Reza Solouki, General practitioner

Fateme Maghool, PhD, physiologist

Nahid Jamali, MBA

Leyla Loghmani, BS, Nutritionist

screening is one of the most invested and important parts of modern medicine. People who are susceptible to certain diseases because of genetics, race, place of residence, lifestyle, and other factors, should participate in screening programs for preliminary diagnosis. Prediagnosis will lead less complications of disease; will decrease the tremendous cost of treatment and consequently will increase the survival rate. Hence in our diabetes clinic prediagnosis of metabolic disease especially diabetes has a great importance and patients will be carefully cared in our clinic. 

diabetic patients in this clinic have their own files and follow up forms. Their treatment is standardized on the basis of the latest comprehensive sources of expertise. Specialist referrals are also available in the course of patients’ treatment, if needed.

Complications are an integral part of chronic and systemic diseases, such as diabetes, however, with the effective control of the disease, probability of their occurrence will be greatly reduced, but they are not completely preventable. Due to the various complications of this disease, diabetic patients require comprehensive medical support and rehabilitation services. Vast amount of mentioned services is provided at the Poursina Hakim Diabetes Clinic.

continuous scientific patient education is associated with effective treatment outcome especially in the case of chronic diseases. In our diabetes clinic beside face to face patient education, other kinds of educational programs like private, general and virtual educational courses are also available. Other available patient education materials, provided by diabetes clinic are books, brochures and pamphlets.

most of spectacular advances in medicine are due to registration and documentation of patients’ information. In our diabetes clinic, medical records of diabetes patients is documented in special database for further research and Advancement of Research Goals.