Objectives and Duties of the International Relations Office:

  • Communication and correspondence with companies and individuals abroad.
  • Coordination of joint research projects with foreign institutions.
  • Assisting Poursina Hakim companies in obtaining international certifications.
  • Coordination regarding manufacturing products under license of foreign manufacturers.
  • Facilitation in attracting foreign and domestic investment.
  • Making arrangements for Poursina Hakim companies to participate in foreign and domestic exhibitions.
  • Making arrangements for Poursina Hakim staff to participate in conferences and workshops in foreign countries.
  • Conducting market studies in foreign markets.
  • Providing consultation regarding education, research and healthcare services in other countries.
  • Negotiation with companies and individuals abroad and signing agreements.

Assistant Director

Officer, Affairs related to Medical Healthcare Department

Officer, Affairs related to Healthcare Technology and Medical Commerce Departments

IT support

IT support