The Poursina Hakim cancer NGO has started its activities in 2004. Since its creation, the PHC NGO has committed itself not only to education and training in screening/early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of gastrointestinal and breast cancers, but also to conduct extensive research in cooperation with several scientific research groups in the areas described above.

The main activities of the cancer NGO from the founding are:

  1. Getting a Colorectal Cancer Research Grant with 17 Proposals from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, one from Shahrekord Medical Sciences, one from Amirkabir University of technology
  2. Formation of Cancer Research Groups with 34 researchers
  3. Preparation of hereditary cancer (HNPCC) Registration of Isfahan provinces
  4. Preparation and completion of Cancer Registration focusing on Colorectal Cancer in Isfahan Province
  5. Formation of educational department and holding training courses with license for continuing medical education by EDC of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.
  6. Establishment of a cancer specialist clinic for screening and early detection of cancer, especially HNPCC cancers

Key Persons

Executive board

Prof. Mohammad Hassan Emami: Chairman of the Board

Dr. Pouria Adeli: Vice Chairman

Dr. Fatemeh Maghool: Managing Director

Mr. Ahmad Keighobadi: Treasurer

Mr. Behrooz Raufi: The main member of the Board

Prof.  Ziba Farajzadegan: Alternate member of the Board

Dr. Adnan Zadhoosh: Alternate member of the Board

Mr. Rasool Kian Vala: The main Inspector

Dr. Marjan Mansoorian: Alternate Inspector

Founder message

The study of science, accomplishment, morality, self-knowledge, divine knowledge, and life are all possible in terms of health and well-being. This greatest blessing (health), created in a healthy environment, and the pertinent behaviors of the individual and the environment. Charities that support health should always think of the origins of the diseases that lie in our behavior and pay more attention to that rather than the effects of disease. On this basis, the Poursina Hakim cancer NGO was established in 2004, using up-to-date knowledge, in the form of a charitable foundation and people’s society for cancer and scientific institutions.

At A Glance

Poursina Hakim cancer NGO at a glance:

The PHC-NGO set its goal on the basis of a fundamental struggle with risky behaviors, helping early cancer detection, and timely treatments. We believe that this goal will not be carried out except through extensive and comprehensive research in a variety of areas. Hence, a group of prominent scholars and experts at the Poursina Hakim cancer clinic came together and started their studies in various fields of epidemiology, nutrition, environmental issues, prevention, screening, early diagnosis, treatment, and psychological issues related to cancer and its prognosis, and now these studies are also active in the form of specialized teams. The PHC-NGO has also conducted extensive training activities in the fields of screening, prevention and treatment of cancer.


Goals & Plans

  1. Knowledge production and applying basic and emerging knowledge in the design and planning of educational, research and technology for controlling , prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cancers.
  2. Creating technologies in the fields of medicine, food, equipment and information technology in order to empower the community and support knowledge-based companies for self-sufficiency of the country.
  3. Participate with knowledge-based companies in product development to generate revenue to pursue charitable goals.
  4. Recognizing, controlling and reducing the acquired and inherent risk factors of malignancies in society through community education and tracking the risk factors in society by participation and awareness through follow up in related organizations.
  5. Promoting the knowledge, attitude and practice of target societies (general and specialized) in dealing with and management of cancer.
  6. Localization of guidelines and procedures for optimal and effective treatment of cancer patients in Iranian society.
  7. Activities to provide and fund raising needed to advance charitable goals.

Vision & Mission


Abolition of cancer


Using technology, up to date knowledge, and scientific research, PHC-NGO is committed to identifying the various dimensions of cancer and society afflicted with this disease, while supporting disease management, it also contributes to the principal treatment of this disease in the field of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.