Research and Development

Poursina Hakim Holdings was established with the aim of becoming a repeatable model of a knowledge-based organization focusing on the creation of wealth from knowledge, working towards the sustainable development of the country.

The first department which was created after establishment of the first Poursina Hakim company, i.e. Poursina Hakim Clinic, was the clinic’s research and development department. This is because one of the key approaches of the holding’s founder is utilizing knowledge-centered methods and research and development in the creation and development of the organization. This is one of the reasons the organization has been able to successfully expand at a solid pace since its establishment.

The key policy of Poursina Hakim Holdings’ founder is providing the necessary infrastructure for creation of wealth from knowledge and utilizing wealth for creation of knowledge and sustainable human development in various development fields including healthcare, production, business, management, etc.

One of the priorities of Poursina Hakim Holdings is creating means to utilize the knowledge of Iranian and foreign intellectuals for the sustainable development of the global society. In this regard, the organization has attempted to attract elite scientists and experts, support Iranian students studying in foreign universities, and have constructive collaborations with Iranian and foreign research centers.

Poursina Hakim Holdings’ research and development policies are founded on the following principles:

  • Poursina Hakim Holdings must not be dependent on governmental resources. The main funding source is the investments of the organization’s founder and shareholders who all have faith in investing in a knowledge-based organization. The organization makes use of private resources and also governmental infrastructure.
  • Poursina Hakim Holdings’ strategy in working towards the development of healthcare is that it establishes subsidiaries, each of which is active in a specific healthcare-related field. At the time of establishment, these subsidiaries are financially supported by their parent company, but they will later become financially independent.
  • At times when, due to certain conditions, a subsidiary company may face financial difficulties which make it extremely difficult for it to continue its activities, the parent company will support the subsidiary.
  • Subsidiaries have constructive collaborations with each other and share data, resources and infrastructure that may be useful to other subsidiaries. At times, they may share particular costs, for example when purchasing equipment and items that can be used by all subsidiaries.
  • Each subsidiary aims at becoming one of the country’s top companies in its field of activity.
  • Poursina Hakim Holdings focuses on expansion of collaborations with domestic research and development centers, industries and investors in order to attract resources that will be used for the development of the country.
  • The company works towards establishing constructive collaborations with foreign research centers and Iranians living abroad.
  • Poursina Hakim Holdings consults Iranian and foreign experts in sciences and industries, and its management systems and those of its subsidiaries are dynamically modified.
  • Strategic Management Models are utilized for the management of the holding and its subsidiaries. Management of the companies is plan-based and improvement and development plans are continuously updated.
  • Part of the holding’s profits are donated to charities or allocated to corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as assisting those diagnosed with cancer or celiac disease.
  • A significant portion of the holding’s profits are allocated to research and development projects carried out at Poursina Hakim Research Center.