Poursina Hakim Holdings is a private company funded by private investors, and is not budgeted by the government. Poursina Hakim Clinic was established with Professor Emami’s personal funds and he remained the sole investor for the first three years. After that, he was joined by like-minded colleagues and investors, and today, the group of investors continues to grow.

Poursina Hakim companies financially support each other at times of need. When a company needs funding for its development programs or if, due to particular conditions, a company goes through temporary hardships, other companies invest in it so that it can manage to continue its operations.

In its efforts towards the development of healthcare in the country and other goals, Poursina Hakim Holdings collaborates with universities, research centers and other organizations. Although, Poursina Hakim Holdings is privately funded and is not budgeted by the government, it may at times receive research grants from governmental organizations such as governmental universities.