Poursina Hakim Co.at a Glance

Poursina Hakim Co. is a private holding company focused on the development of healthcare and related fields, such as healthcare engineering and medical trade, in the country. It was established with the aim of creating a practical and repeatable model for sustainable development through creating wealth from knowledge, and also knowledge from wealth.

The philosophy behind creation of the holding company is rooted in the thoughts of Professor Mohammad Hassan Emami. Creation of Poursina Hakim Holding Co. and the principles it is based on, are the outcome of Professor Emami’s nearly 40 years of creative thinking, experience in high-level management positions, and exceptional presence in the medical field.

In 2001, Dr. Emami founded Poursina Hakim Clinic, the first gastroenterology specialty clinic in the country. He wanted to also work towards the development of other healthcare-related fields and thus, decided to form a holding company whose subsidiaries would each be active in a different healthcare-related field. Consequently, in 2006, Dr. Emami founded Poursina Hakim Holding Co. and made Poursina Hakim Clinic its subsidiary.

Today, Poursina Hakim Holding Co. has five subsidiaries, i.e., Poursina Hakim Clinic and Laboratory, Masstec Co. (a medical equipment manufacturing company), Razen Co. (a medical equipment trading company), Poursina Hakim Gastroenterology Research Center, and Farzanegan Radandish Co.

Also, two NGOs, namely the Iranian Celiac Association and Iran’s Cancer Prevention Institute, were created with support from Poursina Hakim Holding Co. Many university faculty members and researchers from the country’s top universities collaborate with the company.



17 years of efforts towards the development of healthcare in the nation.