Healthcare profile

The clinical services of Poursina Hakim holding are done by Soroush Salamat foundation. Soroush Salamat, Joint- stock foundation, is a subsidiary of Poursina Hakim holding and is responsible for planning and implementing activities related to the policy of the organization.
Soroush Salamat has developed and extended its activities during 17 years, in field of health care and treatment. Main fields of activates include: gastrointestinal (GI) and health clinics, a molecular diagnostic laboratory and a research and development unit. They operate as a whole under the name of Poursina Hakim clinic and laboratory since 2001 with the aim of treatment, research and education in health fields.


7 clinics a laboratory and a gastrointestinal procedure unit cooperate together as a whole under the name of Poursina Hakim clinic to serve patients mostly with gastrointestinal disorders.
These clinics are inflammatory bowel disease clinic, Irritable bowel disease clinic, celiac disease clinic, fatty liver disease clinic, psychiatry disorders clinic and nutrition clinic.
Colonoscopy, endoscopy, enteroscopy and colon hydrotherapy are also done in Poursina Hakim gastrointestinal procedure unit if needed.

Cooperation opportunities

Poursina Hakim clinic cooperate with different national organization in research fields with desire to expand medical knowledge and develop new treatment methods specially in gastrointestinal filed to help increase healthcare potential for saving lives and reducing medical expenses.


Research in health care sciences especially gastrointestinal disease is one of the main goals of Poursina Hakim clinic. Study and analysis of the data gathered from the diagnosis and treatment of the disease are the key to further Understanding and interpreting diseases in all dimensions and identifying new solutions for their control or eradication.
Most of the patients in Poursina Hakim clinic have an electronic health record that accelerate research process.


The Poursina Hakim Laboratory has been designed and commissioned since 2007 in order to provide high- quality services to patients. This lab is one of the few labs in the province, equipped with frozen section and it is also the only clinical lab at the provincial level that performs MSI test.
Poursina Hakim Laboratory covers all clinical diagnostic laboratory services including blood tests, urinalysis and tests on tissue specimens.


Based on the importance of education on disease understanding, control, treatment and prevention, here in Poursina Hakim healthcare organization every single clinic has its own educational programs for both patients and professionals.
Different scientific meetings and conferences has been held for exchanging knowledge and experience among specialists, especially in the field of gastrointestinal diseases. and beside face to face patient education, many educational materials like pamphlets, brochures, videos and articles
designed for patients are accessible physically and virtually via the clinic website and social apps.