Poursina Hakim Digestive Diseases Research Center (PDRC) has been established in 2001. It is an Iranian non-governmental academic, clinical, research, and developmental organization focus on health promotion among community. Its research team is comprises of expert researchers with varying interests and disciplines to translate the research from Bench to Bedside to benefit human health and engage in the development of health related technologies.


PDDRC ‘s goals include the following:

  • Carrying out basic, epidemiological, clinical, and community researches based on community needs.
  • Expansion of knowledge boundaries with a high quality, systematic and cohort studies on the public health system
  • Providing therapeutic guidelines in related areas.
  • Achievement of modern methods and advanced technology in diagnosis and therapies of digestive diseases.
  • establishing a registration and repository center for the field of GI and hematology in central IRAN
  • Systematic and professional participation in education at various levels of society and academics
  • Promoting academic graduate & post graduate credibility in associated areas to run Ph. D by research programs and training clinician scietists.


To be a leading research center in the national and regional level, and an international center of reference in the field of digestive disease research and technology.


As one of the leading Digestive Diseases research and educational centers of Iran, we are committed to conducting and pursuing basic and applied researches, and finding medical, surgical and technology solutions in related fields in order to improve the community’s health and wealth.