Research & Inovation

Research is the driving force behind our medical device production activities and our Research and Development department supports Masstec Medical in the identification, development, testing, and regulatory approval of innovative medical products. The department provides the expertise and leadership, and adds capabilities through the years of product development, laboratory and mechanical testing, regulatory strategy, clinical study design and management, and scientific writing to assist Masstec Medical in the challenges impacting patient care.
Essentially, the R&D department focuses on supporting research and development engineering. However, the need to provide support in the areas of clinical studies, patents, regulatory affairs, intellectual property development, and nonclinical testing are also integral parts of what we do.
This means that the R&D department provides product development, pre-clinical and clinical testing design, and regulatory approval services for the medical devices produced at Masstec Medical. With its extensive experience with regulatory agencies, we develop and carry out comprehensive strategies to navigate complex regulatory processes and get our devices approved.