• Training experts in the fields related to the company’s areas of activity.
  • Creation of science through establishment of a comprehensive private research university as a step towards sustainable development of the society.
  • Establishment of educational, research and healthcare centers as a step towards improving the overall health conditions of the society.
  • Development of technology through establishment of companies that produce medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
  • Establishment of subsidiary companies active in different healthcare-related fields such as companies focusing on education, research, publications and media, manufacturing of medical equipment, and distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
  • Establishment and management of non-governmental organizations supporting different causes.
  • Creation of wealth through science.


Enthusiasm in working towards the organization’s mission, vision and goals.

Valuing members’ comments, feedback and opinions.

Fair treatment of all people.

Investment in Research and Development departments of all subsidiaries, collection of experiences, and coordination between all subsidiaries in Poursina Hakim Holding Co.’s research and development programs.

Respecting other members, and working as a team when performing tasks.


Development of the most comprehensive scientific, cultural and technological institution working towards the sustainable development of health in the region.


Our mission is to work towards the sustainable development of health in the society through creating science and wealth.