About Masstec Co.

In order to work towards the development and production of healthcare products, Poursina Hakim Holdings planned to establish a subsidiary that would focus on this field. Hence, in 2013 Masstec Co. was founded.

Masstec Co. produces a range of medical equipment in various fields and is proudly Iran’s first producer of magnetic drapes and biopsy needles and among the leading producers of gynecology catheters. Direct supervision of prominent physicians and participation of expert engineers have helped Masstec gain a deep understanding of physicians’ in-action challenges while easing the difficulties patients walk through.

Masstec’s technical staff are experienced medical doctors, expert biomedical, mechanical, and materials engineers, and professional technicians. The team is capable of designing and manufacturing various medical devices in the fields of Gynecology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Surgery, and Healthcare. With their expert research team, the company does all it can to stay current with the latest advancements in the industry; therefore, international cooperation opportunities are always welcomed.

The company’s production facilities comprise of two production floors, a GMP approved room and a Class 10,000 clean room which overall cover an area of 10,000 square meters. Masstec’s products are marketed via Razen Co, another subsidiary of Poursina Hakim Holdings, and with their strong marketing network, the products are widely distributed in the region.

Products manufactured by Masstec Co.


Research & Innovation at Masstec Co.

Research is the driving force behind our medical device production activities and our Research and Development department supports Masstec Medical in the identification, development, testing, and regulatory approval of innovative medical products. The department provides the expertise and leadership, and adds capabilities through the years of product development, laboratory and mechanical testing, regulatory strategy, clinical study design and management, and scientific writing to assist Masstec Medical in the challenges impacting patient care.

Masstec’s laboratory

At Masstec Co, a laboratory has been developed in order to enable the company to carry out research for production of medical equipment, perform standardized tests required for obtaining manufacturing licenses from the Ministry of Health, and also quality control routines. It is the country’s first laboratory equipped with devices necessary for performing standardized tests, such as vibrational fatigue, handle grip, and needle deflection, required for obtaining a manufacturing license for Jamshidi bone marrow biopsy needles. Also, in order to measure needle penetration rates, a type of tissue phantom has been developed by Masstec. Masstec Co. also offers testing services to other manufacturers.

Training and Development at Masstec Co.

At Masstec Co, learning and improving personnel’s level of knowledge in fields related to their work is of great importance. Hence, personnel participate in courses in various fields such as Mechanical Simulation, Mechanical Design, mold making, technical subjects, foreign languages, etc. on a regular basis