About RAZEN Co

RAZEN Co. is a medical equipment trading company established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Poursina Hakim Holding Co., with the aim of supplying necessary medical equipment in the country, and also creating an international trade and distribution network. The company began its work by supplying medical products needed by Poursina Hakim Medical Clinic and Lab. Since the clinic specializes in Gastroenterology, RAZEN Co. became focused on this field and it is currently the oldest distributor of gastroenterological medical equipment in the central region of Iran.

RAZEN Co.’s collaboration with other subsidiaries of Poursina Hakim Holding Co., such as Masstec Co. (a medical equipment production company), IHS Medical Clinic and Lab, Poursina Hakim Cancer Research Center, etc. has enabled us to achieve a good understanding of current needs in the field of healthcare.

Poursina Hakim Holding Co.’s ultimate goal is improving health conditions among all classes of the society by creating a complete cycle of scientific and technological exchanges in the field of healthcare. The role RAZEN Co. plays in reaching this goal is providing healthcare centers with high-quality medical equipment at a reasonable price, in the shortest possible time.

In our development program for the next 20 years, we intend to invest in developing fields of the healthcare industry. Moreover, by taking advantage of the potential created by Iranian medical equipment manufacturers, while maintaining our domestic distribution network, we intend to grow our network beyond our national borders and achieve an acceptable share of the regional market.

With a wide distribution network in Iran and a good understanding of market demand we have had a dynamic approach in maintaining sales methods in accordance with market conditions. Some factors that have put our company at an advantage are as follows:

  • Having a young, educated, and hardworking sales team.
  • Being based in the central region of Iran, near large populous cities.
  • Having close and friendly collaborations with medical doctors with different specialties, and also with other subsidiaries of Poursina Hakim Holding Co., including IHS Clinic & Medical Lab, Masstec Co. (a medical equipment manufacturing company), etc.


Since its establishment over a decade ago, Razen Co. has been a distributor of products manufactured by well-known medical equipment manufacturing companies.

Training and Development

At Razen Co, the improvement of personnel’s level of knowledge in fields related to their work is a high priority. Hence, in collaboration with Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, personnel participate in courses in various fields such as Customer Psychology, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Communication Skills, Commerce, Trade Negotiations Skills, Foreign Languages, etc.
In the near future, the company plans to conduct Regulatory Affairs Certification Programs (medical device manufacturers and distributors), under supervision of the Ministry of Health.