Products manufactured by Masstec Co.

At Masstec, various medical products are manufactured which can be grouped
into the following fields:


Several subsidiaries of Poursina Hakim Co. specialize in the field of Gastroenterology. Our opportunity to be in contact with specialists in this field has given us the advantage to produce gastroenterological medical products with their close cooperation.

Current products:

Our first product in this field is the endoGARD™ endoscopic bite block.

Future products:

Disposable biopsy forceps & foreign body grasper

Sclerotherapy needle

Band ligator

Colon hydrotherapy unit


Hemato-Oncology products

Due to the growing need for cancer diagnosis instruments in Iran, MassTec®’s team took the necessary steps towards producing biopsy needles specifically engineered for better sampling and less trauma.

Current products:

MassTec® Jamshidi bone marrow biopsy needles marketed under the brand name Corext

Future products:

Soft tissue biopsy needles (product development phase)


Gynecology instruments comprise an important share of disposable medical products. MassTec® has entered this field to supply essential needs of healthcare centers.

Current products:

MassTec® is among the leading producers of IUI catheters (with and without mandrel) in Iran, and is the only producer of endometrial suction curettes in the country. Masstec’s Gynecology products are marketed under the brand name STORKID™.

Future products:

IVF Catheter



There is great potential for surgical instruments and accessories, and Masstec is among the country’s leading producers in this field.

Masstec is the first producer of magnetic surgical drapes in Iran. Our first product in this line is the reusable magnetic surgical drape. Other types of drapes are also under development at the company. All drapes produced by Masstec are marketed under the brand name ATRACTA™.

Physiotherapy & Healthcare

Masstec is Iran’s first producer of underwater treadmills. Various types of underwater treadmills are produced at our company, which are marketed under the brand name AQUATIX™.