• Values
  • commitment to human ethics, human rights and laws of Islamic republic of IRAN and laws of any country that we work with in that country.
  • Being a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, non-border organization.
  • Scientific and evidence-based approach in management of the society
  • Holistic (Biopsychosocioenvironmentospritual) approach to community problems.
  • Sustainability in all approaches and recommendations within the society and the community
  • Financial Independency of association.
  • Having Green approaches for all of our activities as much as possible


Eradication of celiac disease, alleviation of its limitations and complications.


Iranian Celiac Association as an NGO, committed to use the current knowledge, doing extensive research studies and making network to other related organizations to support patients’ need for physical, mental, psychological, social, economic and cultural aspects of life; and to accelerate the prevention and treatment process of the disease. Celiac NGO wants be recognized as a partner of the World Health Organization and its Middle East Coordinator until 2025. We plan to be the most successful scientific institution in the field of Celiac disease in the Middle East until the 2025.

  • Goals & Plans
  1. Community support for sustainable development of the society and alleviation of essential needs
  2. Promoting members to support each other and tighten the groups
  3. Giving family, medical and job consultations to try to build a better future for members.
  4. Advocacy supports for celiac society civil rights.
  5. Expanding branches of the society to all provinces of the country and hopefully in all surrounding countries providing primary health cares (PHC) in all branches to make sure all patients take PHC equally.
  6. Making a universal web base registry and repository center to prepare a comprehensive data pool & biobank for researches and development.
  7. Technology development in the field of GFD and celiac related biotechnology
  8. Upgrading of industrial GFD production, Codification and legislation of the standards.
  9. Supporting GFD companies by standard consultation, confirmation, stewardship and measurement of gluten in GFD products to give approval to the companies
  10. Insurance for food safety, high-quality and diversity of foods for the community.
  11. Production of major gluten-free foods to provide essential needs of the community with lowest price to make sure everybody receives  minimal needs.
  12. Guideline development and periodic upgrading for primary prevention, lifestyle modification, diagnosis, management, follow up and rehabilitation.