Poursina Founder message

In the name of god, the merciful the most compassionate

Anyone who comes to this world is a career of a message from the creator.We are given a soil and the spirit. Our potential mind and body are the most important wealth to be used to carry and distribute the message.We are asked for what we could do and what we did. We are responsible for the soil from which we are made and grown. this is our earth and planet. It’s our mom and all the creations. Our brothers, sisters and ancestor.

Human is the most powerful, dangerous and at the same time best merciful creation. With this fact we are facing the most disastrous damage to the earth because of our rude and libertine acts. Now we are responsible for all inequalities, disruptions, disturbances and disorders seen in our society and environment. We should use our given soil and spirit to compensate for all of this problems.

Poursinahakim holding company is obligated to be honest, helpful, green in all of its activities and supportive to decrease inequalities and result the social and environmental disturbances as much as it could. We are open to all scientists, environmental activist and well-wishers who wants to participate in this path.

Sayyed Mohammad Hassan Emami Najafi Dehkordi

Professor of medicine, Isfahan university of medical sciences

Head of Poursina Hakim Holding Company (PHHC)

Sayyed Mohammad Hassan Emami Najafi Dehkordi