About laboratory

  • The Poursina Hakim Laboratory has been designed and commissioned since 2007 in order to provide high- quality services to patients.
  • All tests are performed in the laboratory on a daily basis.
  • Molecular Diagnostics, Medical diagnosis, Pathology and Routine Screening Tests and specialized tests in biochemistry, serology, microbiology, immunology, hematology and parasitology are performed in Poursina Hakim laboratory.
  • Quality control of all parts of the laboratory is done on a daily basis, the accuracy of the tests performed in this laboratory also checked with external quality assessment standards, every three months.
  • This lab is one of the few labs in the province, equipped with a frozen section.
  • It is the first and the only clinical lab at the provincial level that performs MSI test.
  • Immunochemical Fecal occult blood testing and quantitative measure of calprotectin also has performed for the first time in province in Poursina Hakim laboratory.

The Poursina Hakim laboratory, using the following components, is trying to provide the best service in shortest amount of time:

  • Employing experienced staff and efficient and competent managers.
  • owning Modern laboratory equipment with modern technology.
  • Utilize a comprehensive automation system to provide accurate and fast service.
  • Implementing the inner and external quality control programs and quality management for customer satisfaction.

The following services are provided by Poursina Hakim laboratory:

  • Perform all specialized gastrointestinal laboratory testing such as medical diagnosis and screening, using the comprehensive laboratory automation system.
  • Electronic reporting.
  • Emergency response system for all tests in the shortest amount of time.
  • Emergency response to pathological specimens and PCR test with prior coordination.
  • Infants, children and adults sampling.
  • Perform specialized and routine tests of industrial centers and factories.
  • Perform research projects and screening plans.
  • Provide specialized diagnostic services for partner labs.
  • Perform molecular diagnostic colorectal cancer screening test: MSI, MSH2,MSH6,PMS2,MLH1,KRAS,BRAF
  • Performing specific tumor marker blood tests for breast cancer: ER, PR,P53,Ki67,Her2neu